God’s Messenger

April 9, 2017

A big job, a big storm, a big fish, and a big surprise...This story reveals to us how much God loves lost people and how far He’ll go to reach them.

The Forgiving Prince

April 2, 2017

God gave Joseph a dream that was fulfilled in a very round about way.  From a pit to Potiphar's house to prison to the palace, we cannot shortcut the process. Joseph was sent to save the lives of many.  Where is God sending you?

God Makes a Way

March 26, 2017

Do you need God to provide a miracle? The miracle is in the moving.  Our story displays God's glory as He makes makes a way where we can see no way. 

The Present

March 19, 2017

God still gives presents today!<p>

His presents are filled with promise not pain.<p>

His presents are filled with provision not problems.<p>

So like Abraham, embrace the race that’s set before you.  Don’t be afraid to take the next step.

The Terrible Lie

March 12, 2017

On the darkest day of human history…there was a whisper of hope. That whisper of hope came in one name…Jesus.

So what does this mean for us today?

One Big Story

March 5, 2017

Every Story Whispers His Name...Can you see it? Can you hear it?

Even today…He’s still whispering…if you listen carefully…closely…you’ll hear it…inviting you into an Adventure story, a Love story, a True story.